North American AT-6 or Noorduyn AT-16 Texan or Navy SNJ at Hayward Airport, Hayward California, in 1961. Note F6F Hellcat in background.
Beech AT-11 "Kansas" or Navy SNB-1 at Hayward Airport in 1959. Note B-25 in the background.
Douglas A-26 (latter B-26) or Navy JD-1 at Oakland Airport in 1961. Note Lockheed Constelation in the background.
Grumman TBF (or TBM?) at Hayward Airport in 1961. It looks like it may have been modified for spraying.
Douglas SBD Dauntless at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
Chance-Vought SB2U Vindicator at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
Avro Lincoln of the Royal Australian Air Force in '61. From my New Zealand pen pal.
Boeing B-17F on display at an Air Force base in the San Joaquin Valley near US-99.
B-17 (G?) used in the TV series 12 O'clock High at the airport east of Los Angeles where the series was filmed.
North American B-25s at the ex Alameda NAS for the 60th aniversery of the Doolittle raid. Note the USS Hornet Museum in the background.
This Grumman F8F Bearcat, owned by Grumman, made an unscheduled landing at Hayward in 1959 when it developed an oil leak.
Royal Australian Air Force C-47B in 1961. From my New Zealand pen pal.
Fairchild C-82 "Flying Boxcar" also known as "Packet" at Hayward in 1959, converted for spraying.
Chance Vaught F4U-1D Corsair at Hayward in 1961.
Grumman F6F Hellcat. A friend of mine, David Blackman took this and other pictures on vacation to "The Air Museum" in Southern California in 58 or 59 and allowed me to make copies. This aircraft was apparently "new" as it was still in the factory crate when purchased and then assembled in the late fifties.
The same Hellcat as above, in 1960 when my family visited. That is my youngest brother Jim.
Grumman F6F Hellcats shortly after being purchased from the bone yard by the owner of American Aircraft Sales and then shipped to Hayward in 59.
Mitsubishi J8M1 rocket powered interceptor. Japanese version of the German Me 163B. Note nose of a Japanese Baka Bomb, a piloted "cruise missile"on the left. This was taken at "The Air Museum" in 1959.
Japanese Ki.84 "Frank" at "The Air Museum" in 1959. If I remember right, this fighter was eventually purchased and returned to Japan. It is flyable.
German Me 109G sans wings at "the Air Museum" in 59. I believe the jet engine at the bottom is from a Hienkiel "Volks fighter". The aircraft on the right may be a Hanriot (WWI). A P-26 can be seen in the background.
A German Me 262 at "The Air Museum" in 58 or 59. It was the worlds first operational jet fighter.
Photo from David.
Curtiss P-40N. Another "new" fresh from the crate aircraft. Note the FAA registration number. This is another photo from David.
P-40N. Note the FAA registration number. I took this at the grand opening air show for the new Oakland airport terminal in 62 (?).
P-40C (probably) at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
North American P-51A, an early Mustang with the Allison engine shared with the P-40 and P-38. I took this shot at "The Air Museum", I think in '66.
P-51D Mustang of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. From my NZ pen pal.
P-51D, Hayward Airport. I got my first job at American Aircraft Sales in '62, detailing aircraft to finance my Senior Ball and keep gas in my '52 Ford Crestline Victoria. The boss, Mike Couches, had his own P-51. I think this is it but it might belong to the boss of the company next door. They would fly together.
Bell P-63 King Cobra Sans wings at "The Air Museum" in '60 when we visited. That is my brother, Ken, at the controls.
Lockheed P-38 still in the colors of the South American country it was acquired from, at "The Air Museum" in 66?.
Canadian-Vickers Navy PBY (Army OA-10) Catalina at Hayward in '61. That is I in the foreground. I sure was a snappy dresser back then ;>
Catalina at Oakland Airport in '61. Note the early "Unsafe At Any Speed" Corvair.
Ryan PT-22 at Hayward in '59.
PT-23A "Cornell" at Hayward in '61.
Lockheed PV-1 at Hayward. in '61.
Short Sunderland 3 belonging to 5 Sqd. of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Photo from my NZ pen pal.
De Havilland Vampire. I took this picture in 66(?) at the same airport east of Los Angeles that the 12 Oclock High TV series was filmed at.
Grummam F4F Wildcat at the Pensacola Air Museum.
General Motors FM-2 Wildcat. This is another of those "new" right out of the crate aircraft Dave shot in 58 or 59.
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver at "The Air Museum" in 66?
Kawanishi N1K2-J George 21 at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
Mitsubishi A6M Zeke (Zero) sans wings, etc. at "The Air Museum somewhere east of LA in 66?. Note the helicopter in the foreground.
Mitsubishi A6M Zero at Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
A6M5 Zeke/Zero. Photo from my pen pal in New Zealand.
This A6M3-22 was at "the Air Museum" in '60.