In 1972 I bought my new CL450 K5 "scrambler" motorcycle. It was not my first bike. It was proceded by a used '64 CL250. I still have the 450 but has not run in many years. Almost from the beginning one of the two cylinders burned oil and had low compression. Finally, after ~20 years, it was too far gone to ride. I occasionally threaten to dump it on a local Honda shop for restoration. Make me an offer.
That is me with the glasses during a group ride.
I swiped this shot of an identical CL450 from another site because it is a much better photo than mine. The color went bad on my photos.
Swiped photo.
My photo.
Swiped photo. My bike actually looks this good today and it's value is rising so it may be worth restoring.
The modified '64 CL250 I bought used. Family cars, left to right, Dad's '59 Mercury, my '63 Pontiac Tempest, brother Ken's '56 Ford Crown Victoria, Mom's Isetta 600.
Me on the CL250, my first bike. I had to sell it to raise money to buy a house.
My Father, Joe Safer, on his 1934 Harley JDH. Photo Taken in Alameda California, probably in 1943.
Dad and Mom rented the 2nd floor of the house in the background for $12 a month while Dad worked at the Pacific Bridge ship yard in Alameda.