Nueport 28, probably a replica? At the grand opening of the new Oakland Airport terminal, in 62?
Fokker D VII at grand opening. Model T in foreground? What is on the left?
P-12E at "The Air Museum", east of Los Angeles.
D.H. 60G Gipsy Moth from my N.Z. pen pal.
It was destroyed in a fatal crash in 1930.
P-26 at "The Air Museum". Probably still in the colors of the South American country it was aquired from.
Same P-26 after re-paint. Sorry, no flash.
B-18 Bolo as a crop sprayer at Hayward Airport, California. The B-18 was a bomber version of the Douglas DC2.
Short Empire-C. Photo taken in 1939 and sent to me by my New Zealand pen pal.
Waco UOC Custom also from my NZ pen pal. He had labeled it as a QDC.
This one, ZK-ALA, has had an interesting history and is currently being restored.