This is me and a Navy E-2A Hawkeye also known as Super Fudd, made by Grumman. This one was one of the first production units. My squadron, VAW-11 was the first to receive them, early 1964. Note the yellow prop tips. This was taken at a North Island N.A.S. open house that year.
This is the Grumman E-1B Tracer also known as Willie Fudd. Prior to September 1962 it was designated WF-2 which is where the nick name Willie Fudd came from. It is based on the S-2 Tracker anti submarine aircraft. It was replaced by the E-2As. That is Bruce Lependorf (Lep) posing with it.
This is an EA-1E, also with Lep. It is based on the Douglas A-1 Sky Raider. The EA-1E, E-1B and E-2A are all carrier based early warning aircraft. Anyone know it's nick name?
This is an A-3 Sky Warrior on wave off from the USS Oriskany during Operation Silver Lance Nov-Dec '64.
Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
A-4s of the Blue Angels at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
This is an early version, an attack version of an A-5 Vigilante, an A-5A at an air show at Millington NAS in Tennessee, 1963.
RA-5C aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, 1965 - 66.
RA-5 at NATTC Millington. Photo from Ed Miller.
This A-7 is on display at the former Alameda NAS.
This is a marine corp F-4 at the naval base at Yokosuka, Japan in late December '65.
F-8 at NAS North Island (San Diego)
This is a TP-2 Neptune of VT-31, a training command at Corpus Christi NAS in early '63. This is side number 02, recently repainted and at the wash rack waiting for me to wash it before getting the 02 painted on the nose and the tail.
P-5A Marlin of VT-31. It apears this photo was taken at North Island NAS at the end of it's last flight. It was then towed to the "bone yard".
North American F-1 Fury (left) and McDonnell F-3 Demon at Millington NAS in '63. The Fury was a navalized version of the F-86. These airframes were used for airframe maintenance training at the training command there.
F-9 Cougar at Airport Park in San Lorenzo California, next to Hayward Airport. The park has since been renamed Kennedy Park.
B-47 at the Air Force base air museum near Crestview Florida in the summer of 2001. Note the F-101 Voodoo in the background.
B-52 at the grand opening of the new Oakland airport terminal in '62?
B-58 at same grand opening.
RF-84F at "The Air Museum" east of Los Angeles. This Museum has had a name change or two and at least three locations over the years.
RS-71 & B-52 at that museum near Crestview in 2001.
Sabre Mk-30 of the Royal Australian AF taken in the '50s by a pen pal.
Bell X-1 at Air Force display in San Francisco in '60. Can you imagine such a display in SF today?
Bell X-2 at "The Air Museum".
X-15 at the SF display. Note the serial number. Probably a full scale mock up?